continue – From wisdom of one to wisdom of many

Naturally people are not first to use brain connection for complex issues solving – primates do it, even ants and bees do it successfully. Just think about ants. Their brain less than pinhead, nevertheless they able to find new place for their “house” by simultaneous evaluation  of more than 10 factors. In the matter of the fact they do it better than us when we go to do one of most important decisions of our life – buy own apartments! How they do it? The mechanism of information delivery still not clear but what scientists know – they do it together and comes to optimal solution in most of the cases. This is link to Arizona University research about it

So why we unable to do it? Just remember last Brain storming you take part in.

Was it really useful?

Did you come with folks to the Best solution?

Are all participants were listened equally or it always there people that “equal” than others and their ideas dominate again?

Is group was diverse enough and presented different disciplines and knowledge areas?

Unfortunately these are really few cases that we all choice brilliant idea and makes it happen. These are tens reasons for it – we do not like person that brought the Best one, we prefer push our own idea, we do not like fight for the rest of folks, just tired to put all these reasons on the list, you can add more for sure.

The bottom line – we stop to believe that we can do better thinking process together and decide to leave it for experts  and for managers.

In the end of day we have so many things to fear about so why we need to help others to make decisions if no one help us?


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