On die of 6 people

Last week traffic accident in Haifa stressed all of us – in 20 sec. 6 people were smashed by track, few another injured. As still fighting for its place under sun country we lose more people in traffic accidents than in all our wars.And usually all experts discus reason (driver was tired ,blames did not work, truck was overloaded, etc.) And all of us no matter where we leave at this Globe we know that next terrible case will come soon and it simply unavoidable. We just pray that it will be not about us or our lovely people. But statistics works against us. So I ask whether it really hand of destiny in our days? Definitely NO! Yes we are as a human being are bad as drivers – try to day few things at the same time while driving, some of us drink alcohol, some drive when they nervous or feel thick, some of us simply not good to make fast decisions (the last one is correct for me) We make bad decisions as drivers of cars, bikers, bicycles and as pedestrians.

See link to interactive map of World Heals Organization about reason we died at highways


Does it mean that we deserve to die on a highway or casually kill someone? NO! Just think about incredible sums that spend on improving road safety. These are tens billions of $. Compensations after traffic accidents is a expense N1 of all assurance companies and also measured in tens billions of $ annually. Does it help? Little bit and for sure this is no proportion to investment we do (this is money of all of us) So where solution is? To my mind we should drive as fast as possible to driver-less cars. We never will be careful, we never will be out of emotions and we never will be perfect because we are human. Robots could be. Today just one company in the world do it. This is Google and they do it in their free time without intention to make money. These are few things that I do not like about Google but in this case I take make off in front of company and personally Sergey Brin that lead it.

We all just need to wish them to succeed in this really important project that could save our life!

And what about us? Stay tune, stay careful – this is long time ahead of us that we can count only on ourselves.


2 responses to “On die of 6 people

  1. It will take some time, but for sure it is the right solution.
    Did you know also that with driver-less cars there will be less traffic jam, and we will be able to have 2 times more cars on the roads.

  2. Dear Shay, I even would take it further step – with driver-less cars you do not need to own it, just order like a taxi anytime, any place. So all parking slots under the buildings or next to home that is huge places in urban environment could be used for another purposes.

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