2 do it and 3 don’t do when looking for job

Last week I was flooded at my Facebook page by sad stories of people that looked job 1-2 years and no one even call them for interview! Folks shared this story because sympathize and definitely feel that this story could happen with them too.
All these guys had impressive professional records, good education and relations in society. As human being- we are better understand comparisons, So they were better and attractive than me by any single parameter, they simply look good.
These guys blame age; 35-45 y.o. that for sure factor that does not make job search easy but is it a single reason not to get even one call?
Below my non-science analyze – what they do wrong and what need be avoided or done differently.
1. Do not count on compassion – it will help you to get sharing of sad story and probably many “likes” (what people mean exactly when “like” unemployment stories?) but does not help you to get job, especially if you aim management position in hi-tech. Just think for a second like employer – how I can give you manage my business if you unable to manage own carrier? These stories sound like a mental disability.
2. Do it when you preserve current job – the common in this stories that people knew or had gut feelings that they going to lost the job. What they with it? Nothing. Your self-confidence and ability to manage negotiation x100 better when you have job and looking for another one. Do not tell me that you’d no idea that it going happened with you -this is probably correct for 1%.
3. Do not count a lot on your LinkedIn contacts, these connections are not useful in most of cases. LinkedIn is a good Central hub for CV storage but folks there are not feeling committed to help you. Only personal relations works.
4. Send right CV to right company, do not count on HR and recruits – these are not bad guys, simply your objectives are pretty different from their objectives. 70% of CV’s went to trash bin w/o to be opened. What you did to keep you CV in the “right” 30%? Please, see the Infographics below.
5. Manage your online reputation. This is a Golden rule -everything that you ever posted or commented stay there for ever. Think twice before say something online because recruiters check everyone online reputation and 33% of CV elimination happened by this reason.

What is your do and do not that helped you to find job? Please share with us.


6 responses to “2 do it and 3 don’t do when looking for job

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  2. Sounds very much reasonable, i can say that i went threw a similar case of leaving one place to the other, personal relationship is the one that help me most.

  3. The LinkedIn just help me with find the contact details of people i know personally from my past.

    • Most of HR’s do not dig into it, just review your connections, latest post & pictures to ensure that they hair normative person. Its what you post about yourself. If you want to check the second part – what others post about you so I’d suggest to try Brandyourself.com – this is young team that brought many good reviews from tech sites, however I didn’t try it personally. The link below shows few cases when it helps.

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