Why Embargo and Sanctions do not work?


The reason to write this post was recently announced European sanctions against Israel. You should not be Nostradamus to predict: it will not work. And not because it hard to block Jew brain when it disgruntled by pressure but because it usually does not work and often brought to opposite results. These are many samples in ancient history but I will focus only on age XX events that many familiar with.

Sanction against Iran nuclear program – just to cause to Iran to develop non dependent science and non typical economic ties with China, Georgia and other countries.

Sanction against USSR in 1920-1930th – again cause to develop non dependent economic (even via sacrificing lives of citizens) and creating economic relations on unusual directions.

Sanctions against Germany (Treaty of Versailles in 1918) cause to German nation unification under nazist and fast growing of economics and again developing new trade ties -USSR, Turkey, Japan, Arab countries.

ok one sample from age XIX – Napoleon trial to blockade England. He was close to succeed but again it cause to unusual unit of Britain and Russian Empires that few years later placed Napoleon on history books.

and last but not least – do you remember how class announced boycott to you or some of your friends? Did it cause to someone that find himself alone to change approach? Never. Instead he hate classmates the rest of life and often find a way early or later to revenge.

The question – why history again do not tech politicians? Or they went out of class due to bad behavior? 🙂 

P.S the cartoon taken from English newspaper, published 201 years ago.




2 responses to “Why Embargo and Sanctions do not work?

  1. Agree with the way of thinking.
    In psychology: In some cases as much as you try to limit a person, it gives him passion to fight against.


  2. in many cases people see sanctions that something treat them personally and their country and it cause to nations to unite under extremist political leadership (fascist, communist, Islamic, etc). With such internal support they can survive pretty long.

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