Serve each other is our new mission?


This morning I was on the way to important for me meeting until stack in traffic jam. oops another accident and highway closed for unknown time. I switch on Wayz application and it took via village path to the office. I was in time (ok to be 2-3 min. late is not counted 🙂 ) and would like THANK to all that update my way. your serve me this time and next time I’ll serve you. These are many application today that based on Collective Wisdom – starting from Google via Trip Adviser that I use to choose good hotel and ending by new I-We technology that helps to make decision literally in any area of life. Modern economics already built in 60-70% from Services that we provide each other. Is it going to be 100% of economics in age XXI? It could be and it could be not bad at all. Just small change in mindset requested. Army – is military service for citizens and police is personal safety service while fashionable Big Data is just information service. Serving each other as economic model could take us forward but also cause to feel happy than today. Its proven by researches that people work in serving positions -teachers, doctors, social workers feel happy than bankers and managers.


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