Three Legends – AWESOME! (Legend #1)

These 3 stories told Rabbi from the seaside city of Netanya in Israel in the mid-90s of the last century.
These stories are permeated single mystical thread, all of these events were in fact, at least fact that could be checked by history books.

Legend first
At the beginning of the Second World War, when the tragic fate of the Jewish people in Europe became clear, but some way to salvation yet were still a few hundred wealthy Jews got together and bought a large boat with the intention to immerse them and their families to flee to America.
But there must have been an entry visa, and they have asked the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom. In fact, for him it as  no difficulty, but he denied. Thus, saving them from certain death for their families, these courageous people went to sea without authorizing documents.
On hearing this, the ambassador said from London to Washington, to the shores of America that expected ship with illegal immigrants.
Overcoming the danger of war, the ship still sailed to the American shore. Escape was so close, but alas … In the country they are not allowed to enter.
Unlucky people were forced to deploy the ship and return to the blaze Europe, where they were burned in the combustion chambers of the concentration camps.
When accomplished, this tragedy, a London rabbi came to the U.S. ambassador, and said
Your Excellency, your actions are not worthy not only of your high calling, but also the title of a person at all. From now on, only for the death of your fault for hundreds of innocent civilians, yourself and your entire family throughout the generations will be cursed!
Surname of the American ambassador was – Kennedy.

Kennedy family


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