Three Legends – AWESOME! (Legend #2)

Legend #2
Also the beginning of the Second World War. Lithuania.


Chiune Sugihara Ambassador of Japan, being a noble and humane man who does not agree with the atrocities of fascism, compassion for the fate of the Jews of Europe. Taking advantage of his status, he gave Jews visas to travel to Japan, where people then left for America.

So he saved the life of 6,000 people.
Learning of this, Germany demanded that Japan remove this ambassador.
Japanese puppets performed immediately instructed, and the ambassador was recalled. But before the transfer of cases remained two weeks, in which he, working around the clock, especially hiring assistants, yet managed to give a lot of exit visas. It was a very risky move, worthy of admiration.
Before leaving, the former ambassador came with gratitude of the Vilnius Jewish synagogue.
– What have you done for the Jewish people, will not be forgotten for centuries and we will pray that God will reward you and your descendants!
And the good man returned to Japan. Surprisingly, but it did not particularly chase – only fired, deprived of all the privileges and insignia.
His life was not easy but the Jews are grateful people and they found him in the 60’s and made the world wide famous person. Asteroid named after him, memorials established in European countries, Israel and America. The Orthodox Church intends to canonize him.

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