Legend #3


In the center of Kiev on the vast square stands a monument to the national hero of Ukrainian people – the almighty Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky. He sits on a beautiful horse, raising his right hand to the sky while holding in her mace – the symbol of absolute power over the Fatherland, embodying its “nezalezhnost”, i.e. independence.
Khmelnitsky – the pride of the Ukrainians. Local people and visitors truly admire the beautiful monument to the great man.
But not everyone knows that he was anti-Semitic atrocities of the Khmelnitsky. On his conscience a lot of massacres of peaceful villages burned and blood of innocent Jews. How many were ruined future geniuses who could celebrate the World!
Did not spare his loyal thugs – Haidamaks no children or women. IT’S and historical fact.
Brought a lot of grief on the ground Ukraine Bohdan Darn. But in one place, drunk with the blood of the Jews, he was particularly merciless.
He and his Haidamaks looted and destroyed all the houses, and the synagogue was burned to drive away with the back and locked in her boys and girls.
The settlement remain the same name, the Jews remained, not one.

But through the centuries … Old atrocity pay tribute in full!
The town is this – Chernobyl, and in place of the destroyed synagogue was the same 4th power tragically known nuclear power plantImage

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