3 circles of Big Data

What will be Age XXI most remarkable achievement? To my mind it will Era that Human being will understand himself almost completely. The process started at Renaissance 500 years ago will come to logic end. What’s next? I don’t know but we can place few our guess in the end of post.

3 circles of data


Sometime I’d like to show why I think that knowledge about people will be completed. These are 3 circles:

The first one is science knowledge accumulated across the time and structured data gathered in last decade. This is all our knowledge about human and nature we built till now. Naturally all Human efforts were focused on it. Today we better understand who we are and where came from and how we behavior individually and collectively.

Now these 2 newcomers that granted us by technology come into game:

Internet of things that allow us to control and right down everything that happened around us and inside of us (who has doubt that “chip inside” is just question of time?  )

Internet of things allow us to know what exactly going in inside our body, brain and things around us, for sure in short time we study how to predict future changes – when window will be broken and when we need new eye.

But this is a big catch – are the first two circles cover all our knowledge no matter how deep and comprehensive is it?

My answer is – definitely NO. The biggest part of our knowledge seats inside of our brain and our heart and never was written or captured. You can name it intuition, you can name it life experience but this is huge knowledge that we built since each one of us was born till the last day on Earth. This is our real capital; no one can take it from us.

I name it Collective Wisdom and it includes all this people experience, intuition and knowledge that we build all our life. 

I wonder if we connect our Life Experience together how smart we can be? How many life mistakes we can avoid? To my mind this is third circle of data that could make people little bit happier than today unlike first two circles that probably could make our life bit comfortable (with all respect to it)

So what’s next after we understand completely our brain, body and behavior and our life became totally transparent?

I afraid we will find a small monkey seat inside of us. We will understand that we do not change a lot along thousands of years and need love ourselves as is!


5 responses to “3 circles of Big Data

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  2. Very interesting thoughts about our future.
    Mankind will always continue to explore and look for for new invention. its true that at the end of the day all of us needs some basic things as food & love…

    • Agree with you Shay – we don’t change and need the same thing but world around us change pretty fast.
      Big question to me – how it impact us, what Humans will do after they know everything about ourselves?

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