Do you want your kids will be Winners of age XXI?

Recently I caught myself that most of my comments and thoughts after I read useful and interest articles – “Wow, why I didn’t study it in the school or knew it at beginning of my carrier?”

I studied in special school with deep diving in physics and math, tones of theories and formulas that never-never used. So what I really missed? Everything that related to interpersonal relations – from body language to 4 eyes conversation and public speeches.  Job demand now is changing every Image

decade or even faster, or kids need learn, forget what they learn and learn again. These are no security job like it was – Accountant, Dentist or Lawyer. This is no big matter what person will do decade later, in age of total transparency and permanent change in carrier you cannot hide your personality in cube -you need interact with people and each tie it will be new people. Thus flexibility, readiness to learn and interact with people will be crucial.

The problem to my mind is – school is one of most conservative organization and contributes very little to this life learning process. In a visible future it will be obligation of each parent to train your kids for the uncertain future.


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