Why terrorists give “like” to airports?

Yesterday drama in L-A airport raise again this question – why all kinds of terrorists no matter what is their purpose and background choose airports and airplanes as a target? They are not connected among them; have different purposes and backgrounds nevertheless they go time after time to air gates! These are many crowded places where is much easy to achieve (do not name it because it’s like to open mouth for devil)

Let’s make short brief into modern terrorism history – we can take as a start point Russian anarchist movement of age XIX – it were educated people motivated by liberate ideas and created theoretic base of target choice for terror. They defined following rules: it should be most visible persons of society and crowded places in order to spread panic and get attention. We can see that principles of target choice do not change at all, what changed are terrorists themselves.

In our days most of them came from lowest socioeconomically layers, rarely you can find among them educated people and their motivation supported by extremist religion theories or banal personal feeling of revenge or vanity. They located on margins of modern life and not casually that most hated for them symbols are symbols of modern life and economics. Naturally air traveling is of these bright spots of modern life loved by hundred millions of people.


This is not casually that cyber wars in web so attractive for them. This is not only overcrowded place – this is also much hated place because it symbol of future life were people freely and easily communicate each other.

Based on this understanding I would predict that any new type of transportation including tourist space ships, and any new communication type will be attractive for modern Devil named terrorism.



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