What is Business Mobility means?

Just celebrated my 15 years in hi-tech. No doubt it were exiting years – doing exciting projects, meeting interest people, traveling around the Globe and everyday learning. What I’m taking with me for the next 15 years and what I’d like to leave behind?
First I take with all my relationship in business, friends and family. Second I take with me all my dreams to fulfill.
Third – experience and knowledge, it’s my capital.
What I’d like to left behind? My old office tools – they do not help me to win anymore. This is a basic list I need to win in business of next decade no matter what ‘m going to do:

  • Connectivity from anywhere because my customers and partners need me anytime and I need them 24/7
  • Data analytics and security (Dear NSA – its not related to you! :)), Because data itself is nothing but deep and fast understanding of world around me is a key
  • Flexibility to use and replace tools, locations because I continue to move and use different apps (each one is mini tool for particular task), gadgets and accessories.
  • All this should be simple – I’ve little bit time and motivation to study it because these tools will be replaced often unlike MCRSFT Office that clerks use last two
  • P.S. it should be cool because kids going to use it too!
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