Whom Nelson Mandela call “Boss”?

It will be thousand blogs and hundreds books written about Nelson Mandela – one of most brightest political personages of age XX.

Person that led country transforming without “rivers of blood” like many were predicted for South Africa. Person that always remembered friends and people that helped him. Person that stood optimistic in any life situation. So this is short story about single person in the World the Nelson Mandela call “Boss” – this is Lazar Sedelsky, lawyer from Johannesburg. He was a single person that provide job for young lawyer. Taking on a young black man as a clerk was “something almost unheard of in those days,” Mandela later wrote of his time. Sidelsky lent Mandela money and gave him an old suit. Mandela said he wore the suit every day for five years until there were “more patches than suit.” 🙂 Mandela get there not only stage and knowledge but friends for whole life and confidence to do what made him the NELSON MANDELA.

I wish all politicians in the World will go through Mandela “test” and if they get just 10% of his empathy to people so our life will be much better.



3 responses to “Whom Nelson Mandela call “Boss”?

    • Sidelsky like few other left wing oriented Jew (almost all of them came from Lithuania) in South Africa do a lot for raising African National Congress to power. Either from military training to writing most impressive Mandeal’s speeches that learned today as Best rhetoric samples in the same line with Cicero and Robespierre :).
      I was there in 2006 and was well treated as Israeli. This is dynamic, fast developing country despite bunch of heave problems.

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