What is our future language?

 Remember the Bible story when we all speak one language and understand each other? Now we (almost) All connected and have more web connected smartphones than toothbrushes. But real connectivity could be achieved only when we all have the common language. It could be achieved in few ways – either we all study English or Chinese, or translator will be included into any communicator tool,or we start to use simplified visual language. I am a big Pro of visual language because 70% of information we get on this way, we get it faster and remember longer. Using of visual language is simply to go with People Nature. Note that 80% of Earth population struggle to understand written text at any language,  are we want to give up and ignore these people?

ImageInspired by yesterday Marc Andeerssen tweets and  articles about emojis http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/innovations/wp/2013/11/12/emojis-silly-teenage-fad-or-frontier-of-modern-communication/ I set the following task: to create different levels of difficulty sentences where at least 50% info delivered by images.

Try to read these 8 sentences and please let me know if it was clear.




And the last one (#8) deserve to be presented as it was original:



2 responses to “What is our future language?

  1. I like very much the idea of visual instead of written words, i belive that at least half of the santances was clear at the first shot. I can already think on a game of gessing the santance.
    Love it 🙂
    1. I love Tel Aviv
    2. Dont warry be happy
    3. English is my 4th toungh languge.
    Let other try it as well…

  2. probably you we need some common cultural background to understand complex messages but samples above shows that is possible to deliver accurately message in pictures…

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