Why Western World repeat this mistake?

Recent turmoil in Ukraine caused to many Western politician to call for sanctions against Russia. Should it work? Yes it should…. but in different direction than expected! I wrote time ago referring to sanctions against Iran – this tool named “boycott” does not work. https://gandygandy.wordpress.com/2013/07/20/why-embargo-and-sanctions-do-not-work/

It always brings strange outputs like unusual political unions and new trade partnership. For particular case of Russia – all export within 5 years could oriented to Asia Pacific and China, furthermore it could boost Russian traditionally strong industries like traditional and nuclear energy, aircraft, etc. The map below just to remind the geography lesson


It could be variety of Political output for this economic disconnection – most mild of it is creating second powerhouse in the world that will compete with Western world literally by any single position.

So why history does not teach politicians? Are they stupid? My answer -yes 🙂 , most of them are not bright at all but even those that shined prefer to go with herd rather than take right long term actions.


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