Lessons from I-WE smart search engine building

I-We was and remain great idea of making really smart search engine that based on people knowledge & life experience rather on sites indexing like it done by Google. I presume combining of both will happen one day because sometime two strong platforms were developed:

1st is digitization of literally all Human knowledge

2nd is people 24/7 interconnection. Put these two thing to serve people and you have great combination of knowledge, intuition and collective wisdom that take you from problem to solution in seconds.

In term of products: Google + Jelly.

So why we come to Alfa stage,get customers that use product at daily level and stop there?

These are lessons I take to my next startup – 3Dome.

1. We all should be fully dedicated – impossible to build company in the nights & weekends. This job request from you 150% of time and energy investment

2. Three founders is often too much – hardly manageable. It seems two people that well familiar with each other and have deep trust is an ideal team.

3. Need to go for areas where you have strong background and advantage – we do not have it with I-We


With all that we get to the point that we released few version product worked nad provide interest insights. What among 3 reasons mentioned above was A REASON to stop development? The point A- no one of us was 100% dedicated for I-We otherwise we could overpass other problem raise money and compete with Google on mobile phones where I-We search method has clear advantage.

These are lessons.


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