9 days after #MH17 crash. Who hit the plane? Just HARD DATA

We all as Human Being became better – all World take this tragedy very personal. Except few politicians that try to make some capital, create new evils and separate us more than ever.

This post has just one goal – to conclude HARD DATA we’ve and do not have till now.

The Boeing 777-200ER airliner lost contact near Hrabove in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, about 50 km (31 mi) from the Ukraine–Russia border and crashed near Torez some 40 km (25 mi) from the border,[9] killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board. The crash occurred in the conflict zone of the ongoing Donbass insurgency, in an area controlled by the Donbass People’s Militia.

The two sides in Ukraine’s ongoing conflict (the Ukrainian government and the pro-Russian separatists) accused each other of shooting down the plane while denying their own responsibility. EU and US politicians joined to the Blame Game. A Ukrainian Interior Ministry official, Anton Gerashchenko, said a Buk surface-to-air missile hit the aircraft at an altitude of 33,000 ft (10,000 m).MH17_map

What we can agree for sure that it is location and height of airplane, the rest is just speculation.

Russia directly and indirectly accused in catastrophe took approach of data collaboration unlike Ukrainians that provide poor data – some audio records that can’t confirm anything and images of missile battery belongs to insurgents that was located relatively closed to area where airplane was hit. The last one confirmed by pics was used to add the map below. American Intelligence data was disappointing vs.level of expectation they set together with Ms. Clinton at day 1st- just satellite images that some rockets were launched on July 17. These are no evidence who launched missiles and where it go. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/22/malaysia-plane-crash_n_5611113.html

Therefore next chapter will be based on hard data provided by Russian Ministry of Defense – maps, satellite images, military intelligence record.

Below the map of antiaircraft system in South Ukraine. Green triangles are Buck batteries belong to Ukrainian anti aircraft defense system. Green dotted circles are area of coverage. Added by me Red Star is location of of Buck system belongs to rebels according to proofs provided by Ukrainian intelligence and red circle it area  of coverage. Black circle around #MH17 is a hitting point.

Both sides – Ukrainian Defense ministry and Rebels command confirmed that it was action taken on July 17th – training  of Government antiaircraft system  and trials to shut down  Ukrainian air force planes by rebels.

anti aircraft locations

Conclusions for the chapter 1: Both sides Ukrainian military and rebels could hit MH17 flight because it in the coverage area and both actively used Buck system on this day.

rebels Buck in Torez

marked by red arrow is rebels Buck system located  in Terez city (picture provided by Ukrainian intelligence services)

What is Buck M1 system? Its necessary to understand before come closer to answer who made this tragic mistake.

buck m1

Buck system was developed in 70th and M1 modification was accepted by Soviet Army in 1983. This is pretty old and no so smart system. Its effectiveness go down as distance and height from target increase. According to officers that managed this system Buck M1 effective in hitting target up to 6,000 m.- 7,0000 m. height, beyond this effectiveness go down therefore in real battle 2 missiles usually launched to get 100% warranty of reaching target. All this impossible without radar system named “Kupol” (Dome).

Few days before #MH17 tragedy “Kupiol” radar system belong to Ukrainian antiaircraft work intensively while  July 17 was most intensive. Just remind you that rebels do not have radar system at all therefore their chance to hit target at 10,000 m. (30,000 feet) height equal to chance of blind hunter to hit flying duck.

Below the map of Kupol Radar activity in South Ukraine from July 15-20. Vertical axis is number of system functioning at specific day.


Concentration of Buck M1 system. So we know already that rebels had one system w/o radar that could effectively hit targets up to 6,000-7,000 m. height and at the same time few Ukrainian Buck systems located nearly made intensive training that include launch of missiles, participation of military aircraft SU25, two of them were close to #MH 17 short time before catastrophe and intensive work of Kupol radar systems that navigate missiles.

Below satellite picture of Buck M1 concentration – really impressive numbers, few of them can hit airplane.

Buk from russian satelliteJust to remind you my respectful reader – if you still with me :). Last antiaircraft training was done by Ukrainian Military Forces in 2001 when brave military successfully hit #1812 Flight Since than missile launch was forbidden for Ukrainian anti aircraft system.

Conclusions for now: Both rebels and Ukrainian military force had chance to hit #MH17 while hard data and sad previous record show that official military had more tools to do it. Both sides poorly trained and can get huge mistakes. I hope international committee will crack this case and find how it was happen. Unfortunately it does not help to return people we lost.


#MH17= (Anarchy + Low quality of military forces) – LOGIC


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