How photo invention change our life (much more than you think)

We talk often how book printing &Internet inventing impact us however photo introduction 150 years ago totally changed our autobiographic memory. Its hard to believe but before photography became commodity people don’t remember how they look in childhood or how look their parents when they were young. Almost zero memories about grandmother/grandfather. Are you doubt? I invite you to go through classic literature and you will see how blurring memories were about early stage of life. For example: if elder sister married and moved to another city she was deleted fro the memory of whole family. In Russian it was named “Sliced ​​loaf”. Pretty sure it could similar idiom in English and other languages.Just introduction of photo as media for visual memory changed this situation. In our days this process get explosive growth – digital photo & video, blogs, sharing of everything on timelines. We’re the first generation that literally every step recorded. Modern person capture fantastic number of memories about himself. Its not casually many people work hard in social networks on capturing of own life even can’t clearly explain: Why? Multi-faceted picture of the past allows to person better understand himself, better plan his future. Humanity climbs to another level of consciousness

150 year between these pics   

first selfie    royal selfie


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